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theres an insomniac beauty about scorpios, even though they manage sleep, its their only chance for rest after earth plane exhaustion. the dark blueness under the eyes like eyeshadow of death mixed with mystery. there is a seduction of the fires of a thousand lifetimes burning through their pores

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'You ache with it all; and the more mysterious it is, the more you ache.'

Star Quotes
Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes From The Underground

scorpio ° ☾ °☆  ¸. ●

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scorpios are at hostage to a swinging pendulum of moods and rarely stay on the same plateau for long. they would rather be living in misery knowing the truth than in a fantasy world of delusion. truth is salvation to scorpios.

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scorpios are uncontrollably hungry with desire. and its for something they can’t quite grab a hold of - like mystery or literature or a warm body. they hear the sounds of the visible and invisible worlds and their empty longings carve a deep wound in their spirit. scorpios either overeat or starve. there is no half way with these individuals

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i feel u

or like i want to

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